Tuesday, January 26, 2010


The drive back home was pretty easy and uneventful, which was nice. There was a bit of back log of 18-wheelers but other than that just cruised on back and got in around 5, then the work started.

When it dumps 3ft of snow it sure does make it hard to park the truck and get to the front door, plus unload the truck. So first, park the truck anywhere, get to the front door of the house, change shoes, grab shovel, get to making a pathway for unloading. Once the truck was unloaded it was time to head to Laura's for Miller dog. He was so happy to see me:) and I was happy to see him. He was also so proud of his newly acquired moose that Laura gave him!! He carries it around until it is time to go outside, then he leaves it behind in search of the tennis ball. He has his inside toys and his outside toys;).

After Laura's, it was time for the grocery store for a couple of things, then supper. I tried a recipe I had found in a magazine, bowtie pasta, LOTS of broccoli and LOTS of garlic w/ ricotta cheese...yum a tum, what a perfect meal to settle in at home with.

Sunday was unpacking, cleaning up, getting settled, shoveling the mess out of snow, riding the rollers and watching football. I was pulling for the Jets and the Saints. I wasn't too into the Jets/Colts game but when the Saints where playing I was jumping up and down, cussing the TV and then jumping up and down again!!! I'm so happy for them. So for the Superbowl I'm pulling for the Saints:)

So this week I'm trying to get in all my appointments, girl doc., hair cut, chiro, eye doc. the works because I'm hoping to head back south for a couple more weeks before heading to team camp. From then on, I don't know what to expect for traveling and racing, so I just want to have all my ducks in a row and things done.

Ok, well it is time for some YOGA! Miller is dreaming so all is quiet on the home front for a while;)

PS You guys do know that my Giant bike from last year is for sale???? Any takers???

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  1. I know you are glad to be home! and so is Miller!! I love the side-I'm-so-handsome-portait! hugging his new moosie...

    I'm liking the new blogger sites on the right, and you see just this weekend I added a post for your slideshow from Lost Rabbit! Good stuff for sure! and it's great to have that on your blog - let's you know what your blogger buds are doin' without searching around...

    Let me know your schedule if you are headed toward Jackson town - we'll link up and take more photos!!! One morning was soooo not enough!

    Ride Hard,