Friday, January 15, 2010

Mt Lemon

So yesterday we rode from the apartment, through town, through University of Arizona campus out to Mt. Lemon and started the climb at mile 0. Around mile 3 there was a pleasant surprise! One of my teammates from cyclocross, Rebecca Much, joined us for the rest of the way up. She has been in town for a week or so and is staying till March, how nice! Anyway, hanging out with friends while riding helps pass the time TONS!

My final destination up Lemon was mile 14, that was 2:30hrs into the ride and I was scheduled for 4 so it was a perfect turnaround spot. It is absolutely gorgeous up there, the temperature drops about 10 degrees while you are climbing and you climb about 5,000ft and I wasn't even at the top! The top was still about 12miles up, which Rebecca went on and took care of business:)

The ride back down, I kept thinking, "Wow, I don't remember the climb being this long"! Which I guess is good news;) And then we came back through campus(which is beautiful), town and back home, ended up being 4:30hrs. Yay!

Today was recovery day: yoga, laundry, bee bop around town and do a bit of shopping and looking, took a killer nap this afternoon and going to John and Leslie's for dinner tonight. I'm hoping to catch up with Anne Guzman sometime soon, she is one of the first girls in pro cycling I met. She is from Canada, good climber and super sweet and fun to hang out with. We've kept in touch since Redlands race last year and it is amazing that life has made full circle to Redlands again so soon! Time flies!

Well that's about it so far.....hope Miller isn't getting too used to the hot foot baths...ain't happening at home sucka!!!

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