Tuesday, January 26, 2010


The drive back home was pretty easy and uneventful, which was nice. There was a bit of back log of 18-wheelers but other than that just cruised on back and got in around 5, then the work started.

When it dumps 3ft of snow it sure does make it hard to park the truck and get to the front door, plus unload the truck. So first, park the truck anywhere, get to the front door of the house, change shoes, grab shovel, get to making a pathway for unloading. Once the truck was unloaded it was time to head to Laura's for Miller dog. He was so happy to see me:) and I was happy to see him. He was also so proud of his newly acquired moose that Laura gave him!! He carries it around until it is time to go outside, then he leaves it behind in search of the tennis ball. He has his inside toys and his outside toys;).

After Laura's, it was time for the grocery store for a couple of things, then supper. I tried a recipe I had found in a magazine, bowtie pasta, LOTS of broccoli and LOTS of garlic w/ ricotta cheese...yum a tum, what a perfect meal to settle in at home with.

Sunday was unpacking, cleaning up, getting settled, shoveling the mess out of snow, riding the rollers and watching football. I was pulling for the Jets and the Saints. I wasn't too into the Jets/Colts game but when the Saints where playing I was jumping up and down, cussing the TV and then jumping up and down again!!! I'm so happy for them. So for the Superbowl I'm pulling for the Saints:)

So this week I'm trying to get in all my appointments, girl doc., hair cut, chiro, eye doc. the works because I'm hoping to head back south for a couple more weeks before heading to team camp. From then on, I don't know what to expect for traveling and racing, so I just want to have all my ducks in a row and things done.

Ok, well it is time for some YOGA! Miller is dreaming so all is quiet on the home front for a while;)

PS You guys do know that my Giant bike from last year is for sale???? Any takers???

Friday, January 22, 2010

Time to go home

Well it is the end of the week and time to head back north. Apparently it has been dumping snow back home, so much so that one more day of Tucson was a must seeing that all roads home are closed, it is STILL snowing! When I called Ken and Laura(friends keeping Miller), they said it snowed about 26" in 24hrs and it was snowing today. WOW!

So since my last post, I got in some GREAT days on the bike and I loved every one of them! We've ridden all over Tucson and it's outskirts, I've been on flat, straight, boring roads, rough-needed to be completely redone roads, Mt. Lemon, Gates Pass, Madera Canyon, University of Arizona, you name it, I've been on it;) So it seems.....

My recommendations for riding: Mt. Lemon(no brainer there), Gates Pass(either way, both climbs are beautiful and diff. in their own way), Madera Canyon(the catch here is to drive part way down there b/c the ride down is mostly like riding on a HWY=borrrrrrriiinnnngggg).

Overall the weather has been perfect, minus the last 2 days. It rained a LOT last night and the winds here are brutal. It blew around 30mph all day yesterday and similar winds today.

Food in Tucson:
On a roll sushi - yum a tum!!! Kind of expensive though, so don't go on a completely empty belly-ooops, my mistake!
Barrio's bar and grill - it is in an industrial looking area but once inside, very nice! Big comfy bar stools, roomy tables, lots of TV's(not too many like Buffalo Wild Wings though) and not overly loud at all, great beer on tap and good food(honestly)! I think this is my favorite place for a couple of reasons, 1. The staff is super nice 2. I haven't had a bad meal yet(been there twice, going back after I write this) 3. It just has a warm, welcoming feeling to it.
Cafe Poca Cosa was ok, it is mexican food with a freshness twist and big portions! My plate, chicken something or another, so I had like 4 chicken breasts on the plate with watermelon, olives, salad and beans/rice was served separate. There was way too much food but it was good and again, a bit pricey but it was a great atmosphere and good experience.
El Minuto - good mexican food at a great price! The best thing on their menu is the chicken burro. The "burrito" was just chicken, which was seasoned perfectly and not dry at all and a tortilla(homemade tasting), served w/ beans and rice. I never eat the rice at a Mexican joint for some reason, dunno why but the beans were gooooood and the salsa was spicy hot! Yum a tum! Service was fast and the prices were perfect.

That's about it, I went to the Whole Foods Market as well as the Safeway, both were just what you are used to and another plus, everyone was so friendly and helpful......maybe it is just cause I'm cute and have a southern accent;) hahahah! Probably not though....:)

I was hoping to head to Santa Cruz, CA in a week or so but nothing has come through for housing, so maybe John and Leslie will let me come back south, this time with Miller:)? Hmmm, well first things first....getting home.

I will post again once I get settled back home and let you guys know how the drive went;) Should be interesting!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Another week

Since the weather back in Colorado has snow in the forecast for the next 5 days, I've opted to stay in Tucson and continue the warm weather riding till Friday. I talked to Laura(my most awesomeist friend and dog sitter) and she was cool with holding on to the pup till Friday.

So I've gotten in some more quality miles and time on the bike! Last night, Mike and I ate at an awesome brew pub, Barrio's, right down town and it was a nice, quiet pub. We watched the end of the Jets/Chargers and called it a day. I was pooped, then with a belly full of good food, yeah, stick a fork in me, I was DONE!

It is supposed to rain today but if it holds off, we are gonna ride with John and Leslie for about 30/45min. I'll get in some yoga and maybe some more lookin around. Tucson is a neat city with lots of small, cool places hidden in different neighborhoods.

Oh, apparently I made MS Catholic too. There was a small write up about the 5th/6th graders and St. Francis and their visitor(me). So if anyone sees a copy can you pick it up for me? Mom and dad probably need a copy huh? :)

Wonder if it is snowing back home yet.....

Friday, January 15, 2010

Mt Lemon

So yesterday we rode from the apartment, through town, through University of Arizona campus out to Mt. Lemon and started the climb at mile 0. Around mile 3 there was a pleasant surprise! One of my teammates from cyclocross, Rebecca Much, joined us for the rest of the way up. She has been in town for a week or so and is staying till March, how nice! Anyway, hanging out with friends while riding helps pass the time TONS!

My final destination up Lemon was mile 14, that was 2:30hrs into the ride and I was scheduled for 4 so it was a perfect turnaround spot. It is absolutely gorgeous up there, the temperature drops about 10 degrees while you are climbing and you climb about 5,000ft and I wasn't even at the top! The top was still about 12miles up, which Rebecca went on and took care of business:)

The ride back down, I kept thinking, "Wow, I don't remember the climb being this long"! Which I guess is good news;) And then we came back through campus(which is beautiful), town and back home, ended up being 4:30hrs. Yay!

Today was recovery day: yoga, laundry, bee bop around town and do a bit of shopping and looking, took a killer nap this afternoon and going to John and Leslie's for dinner tonight. I'm hoping to catch up with Anne Guzman sometime soon, she is one of the first girls in pro cycling I met. She is from Canada, good climber and super sweet and fun to hang out with. We've kept in touch since Redlands race last year and it is amazing that life has made full circle to Redlands again so soon! Time flies!

Well that's about it so far.....hope Miller isn't getting too used to the hot foot baths...ain't happening at home sucka!!!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Lovin Tucson

So the first day, I got a little lost, the bike maps aren't like regular maps and roads on the map don't really mimic the real roads too much but that is ok, it was still beautiful and warm! Ended up with 3hrs and 10min, perfect:)

Today was an easier 2hrs, I took the same route and without getting lost, it didn't take too long at all. It has a nice 5min. intense climb and then drops off the other side down back to town, very nice! Then did a bit of yoga to keep things in proper working order, then grocery, home, chilled, cooked some suppa!

Small rant: I wish that everywhere would offer to sell wine and liquor in the grocery stores like they do here and other places I've been, it sure does make life a lot easier on me!:)

Also yesterday, Mike and I went by a local bike shop, Fair Wheel Bikes and Bruce hooked us up with a couple of good rides as well as some good grub in town! Thank you very much!!! I'm sure I will be back for food, bike stuff or something:) The week is young;)

Tomorrow is gonna be a long day in the saddle, gotta put the time in so it makes it all worth it. I love that I'm doing this for a living! I feel blessed:) Well, gonna go kick my feet up and read and probably be asleep by 9.

PS: called to check on Miller and Laura is officially spoiling him!!! Hot foot baths after walks??? No, no, no, he is a boy....DOG! hahah, oh well, he sure does love going over there, now I know why eh?

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Tucson, AZ

Well, I got the official word from the team director for the first races of the season as well as team training camp.

So that means I've headed south for the winter for some warm weather riding. It gets the mind fresh because the change in weather lets you wear short sleeves and shorts only, not bundled up like normal winter time riding. Leslie and John Cox are letting us stay in their extra apartment they have for free. That is such a relief! I met Leslie and John this past summer in Dolores, they have a summer home in Dolores because it isn't as hot as Tucson and in the winter they stay here, in their house behind the apt.

I woke up this morning, made some coffee, stepped outside to see what it felt like and it was PERFECT! T-shirt and pants all week!!!

Something else that is awesome, the apt. is right downtown, within walking distance from a couple of museums! I wonder if I will have the legs to do a little recreational walking?

Well, I'm looking forward to jumping on the bike, so I'm off!! Got a map of all the bike paths, an idea where Mt. Lemon is and plenty of food to go.......

Hope Miller is acting right at Laura's(I told him, no skunks, no mud rolling.....)

Thursday, January 7, 2010


So a couple of things I shipped back to Colorado made it to the house yesterday! I'm pretty excited! While I was home I shopped around in downtown Vicksburg on Washington St. If you guys ever get a chance to cruse over to Vicksburg, definitely check out the coffee shop, HWY 61 and above it is the Attic Gallery.

Also, there is an awesome, small bookstore next door and right up the road there is an art gallery, H.C. Porter that is amazing stuff!

A couple of things: the Attic Gallery showcases local MS artists only and there is paintings, pictures, nick nacks, all kinds of stuff EVERYWHERE! Walking up the steps, it starts there and it is on the walls, on the floor and there are 2 stories of nothing but cool art!!! It is a favorite of mine.

The H.C. Porter gallery, I'm not so sure on this stuff, but she takes regular pictures and then pulls the color out of them and then paints on top of it, I think.....it is amazing stuff!

The coffee shop is just awesome! Quiet, quaint and I swear when I was home at Christmas and I was there enjoying some awesome hot chocolate, that I saw Morgan Freeman.....if not that man looked just LIKE him! They also have fresh baked breads in the morning available for purchase, yummmm

The book store next door has a local artist section that is amazing! I picked up a couple of awesome books: Give my poor heart ease by William Ferris and a Faulkner book, New Orleans Sketches. Can I read two books at the same time? YES!!!

Then once you've done all that for a couple of hours, head down the hill one block and check out the awesome murals on the flood wall, you can walk along the walking path and read about each painting and how it is a representation of Vicksburg. They are pretty amazing paintings! Then walk back up the hill and head a block or two up and check out some cute shops before stopping in on a restaurant, I think it is Duff's. Grab some good food and drinks and then you have to have the bread pudding! I don't even like bread pudding but theirs was AWESOME!

If you want to go in a diff. direction head past the coffee shop a block down and hit up Rusty's! They are expanding! And anything you get there is awesome! And right across the street is a new museum about the river boats, I don't think it is open yet? Dunno....

I think it would be an awesome mini vacation get away. To stay in one of the B&B's right there downtown and walk around and check out all the shops and enjoy some good food and some serious hills! And don't forget to cruise through the military park, again, amazing stuff in there!!! Great photo opportunities:)

Anyway, I'm proud of my little home town:) So stop by sometime and check it out!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Check out this link:)

It was an interview with my new director Lisa Hunt. She is a former pro rider, turned director and an awesome person:)

Thanks for readin!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


I can finally spill the beans on my signing with a professional team! I will be racing the 2010 season with Team VBF(Vera Bradley Foundation)! I'm so excited! I'm one of the newbies on the team which is made up of some stellar women that have had some major accomplishments. There are multiple National champions on the team and some amazing racers that have been at this for a while and know what it takes to do this full time.

I'm really excited to be racing for this team because will are not only racing for our sponsors we are also racing to bring awareness to breast cancer-I dig that cause.....

Anyway, here is the link to the press release. It was in velo news a couple of weeks ago but if you didn't see it:

I bet we will be ALL PINK! hahah! I'm not much on pink but it is growing on me;)

So for now, my plan is to start on some long, hard rides and get ready for camp in March and look forward to a long, productive season!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Answering questions

Here are a couple of answers for Michelle:) Love the questions by the way! I don't ever think of the details:)

I won't know where or when I will be racing until team camp, which is the first week of March. But the season runs from the end of March till almost October so there will be plenty of racing to be had! Camp will probably be when we get our kit, bikes, etc. as well. I will be sponsored by Specialized so no more yellow shoes:( I will be wearing whatever the team gives me:)!!

So as I know more information I will update cha!! Thanks again for all the questions!