Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Lovin Tucson

So the first day, I got a little lost, the bike maps aren't like regular maps and roads on the map don't really mimic the real roads too much but that is ok, it was still beautiful and warm! Ended up with 3hrs and 10min, perfect:)

Today was an easier 2hrs, I took the same route and without getting lost, it didn't take too long at all. It has a nice 5min. intense climb and then drops off the other side down back to town, very nice! Then did a bit of yoga to keep things in proper working order, then grocery, home, chilled, cooked some suppa!

Small rant: I wish that everywhere would offer to sell wine and liquor in the grocery stores like they do here and other places I've been, it sure does make life a lot easier on me!:)

Also yesterday, Mike and I went by a local bike shop, Fair Wheel Bikes and Bruce hooked us up with a couple of good rides as well as some good grub in town! Thank you very much!!! I'm sure I will be back for food, bike stuff or something:) The week is young;)

Tomorrow is gonna be a long day in the saddle, gotta put the time in so it makes it all worth it. I love that I'm doing this for a living! I feel blessed:) Well, gonna go kick my feet up and read and probably be asleep by 9.

PS: called to check on Miller and Laura is officially spoiling him!!! Hot foot baths after walks??? No, no, no, he is a boy....DOG! hahah, oh well, he sure does love going over there, now I know why eh?

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  1. This is all so awesome! Will catch up on your adventures this weekend!
    Post some photos if you can!