Saturday, February 23, 2013

Good news/Bad news

I hate it when people ask me, what do you want first, the good news or the bad news.  Who really wants to hear bad news ever? Well I have some but FIRST the good news - hahah!

Team camp was awesome, kits are killer, bikes stealthy, supporters are amazing, team owners/directors are supportive and encouraging.  The girls on the team are rock solid and I'm looking forward to racing, starting next week in California with Merco, then to Tucson for Old Pueblo Criterium and then San Dimas before heading to Europe.

Here are some pictures, it's more fun to see pictures than to read about it right?
 We went bowling, men's and women's team....lots of fun

 Brie post ride, double fisting the sandwich:)

 Morning core workout with a view and a smile from Courtney.

 Phone stolen, pictures taken....

 Drop your head, you will go faster!

 Finishing a ride....

 Aren't the staff sweet? :)

 One of our sponsors, I love it!

 Nate from Mavic giving us the low down on the awesome shoes!

 Cars at the Honda Museum before team presentation.

 Morning studies....

 I'll take the one on top please...

 Just really cool cars!

 Another angle...

 And another..

 And another...

 Headed to the airport, stuffed in like a clown car..

Poor guy, work is never done, he had to glue all of those tires on the floor  as well...long night.

OK, now for the bad news - I had to put Miller down Thursday morning, he was feeling horrible and not getting off his bed, barely eating unless I hand fed him and he was shaking all the time and barely able to the bathroom.  I got home from camp and Michael was watching him and had noticed that just in the last couple of days he was getting around pretty poorly but didn't want to tell me till after camp, since it's stressful enough packing in the days.  And it was true, the next couple of nights I didn't sleep at all and I'm pretty sure I hurt my back trying to help him in and out of the house - he weighed 86lbs!

After calling the vet and trying serious pain meds, nothing was really helping, I knew it was time.  He was so doped up, he was only sleeping or panting and when I could get him out to go to the bathroom, he whined in pain.  He wouldn't take food from my hands anymore because he knew there were pills in the food.

Thursday was the saddest, longest, most quiet day.  After coming home, I didn't know what to do, where to sit.  The next morning, it was so quiet and still, no waking up, shaking off, stretching, wagging tale, grabbing toys and wanting to go play.  No begging for food, no slobbering after breakfast, no snoring beside the couch, no barking at cars, no watching me ride the trainer.  No going in and out in the middle of the night, no farts(ok, that one is not so bad), no kicking the bed while he slept.  He started his life with me at MSU, moved to Austin, TX with me, back to MS with me, lived along side other dogs and cats happily, went through a divorce and back into an apartment with me and loved live here in Colorado.  He loved the snow, who knew?  Seeing that Mississippi and Texas don't get that much! He met so many new friends here, spent time at many houses.

There is no replacing him - ever.  I will have another dog to love and share all those same things with but Miller was something special and will forever be in my heart.

More pictures....LOTS more:)

 Using Miller for snow reference.

 Post surgery about 4 years ago.... I can tell by his droopy eyes.

 Loved the snow!

 What mom...

 Let's go play!

 Rolling around.



 No telling what he is chewing on..but I see his Moosey!

 Someone ate pumpkin.

 Post Exergy race, he got the toy..

 Hey, what are you doing?

 Sleepin in the sun..

 Playing with Moosey.

 Going for a ride.

 Getting a bath..

 More truck time..

 Fetching stick at the river.

 Truck time..

 Sleepy head...

 Our last trip together(January) in Tucson...

 I love his big paws..

 Sweet, sweet angel dog...

 Some of his last kisses...

 I love you Miller..

 The last of his doggie snowed over them today...

 Miller with Laura, probably 2 years ago.

 Old pictures from MS

 When I first started racing bikes...

 Miller with mom and dad, seeing us off to Colorado.

 Helping plant a tree..

 One of our first adventures in Colora

 A toy from marmie...


 That toy didn't last long...

 Poor guy, I painted his nails once and he let me....

 Playing in the snow!


 In and out of the doggie door...

 One of his fun games.

 He even hung around while I was carving pumpkins...

This is my most favorite picture of him, almost asleep in the sun.  This is how I picture him patiently waiting on me to come play ball with him.

So it's been a wild couple of weeks and moving on, I'm flying out to California on Tuesday for the first race of the season.  It's here! Already!

Reading: The Rolling Stones magazine - great stuff in there!
Watching: it snow outside, not my favorite thing right now
Listening: Rihanna - Stay
Eating: homemade pancakes.  Our director made them for us one day at camp and they have been on my mind ever since:)
Website: - seeing that I'm about to do a lot of flying, there are some things I like to know :)