Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Some pics

Getting my times...
Going fast:).....
Where all the coaches stand.....
Other gals, going fast.....
Looking down towards the infield-to the left is about 3 full basketball/volleyball courts and to the right is the ramp for riders getting on/off the track...
John has something in his eye....this is where I was warming up and cooling down and generally hanging out....
Men's race....
more of the boys....
Us gals getting ready to get our team pursuit going, first one ever-it was fun....

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Post race day

So yesterday(Saturday) was race day at the track and it goes a little like this:

6:00am wake up/shower/coffee/brkfst
7:00 out the door
7:30 registration-chamois up/get all your stuff organized(cause you have a LOT of stuff)/get on the rollers
9:00 first races start
9:20 MY first race-Team Pursuit-post race, it's back to the rollers to cool down...
10-11:30ish-race 2 more races-500(2laps) and 3k(12laps)/warm up on rollers/cool down on rollers/eat food/drink drink/stretch/pull skin suit on and off

Morning session done-for me anyway, there are still 3 or 4 events going on but I'm just happy to get out of the chamois for a couple of hours and get some lunch. I was fortunate enough to have a those hours in between events, so time to go get some lunch! YAY! I'm told, a lot of times either you don't have a car or you don't have time to leave so I was prepared and brought a lunch but if I could get out, I would and I did:)

Afternoon session!
2:00pm register...again.....for the Omnium-scratch race-20laps, points race-40laps and miss n out-10 laps
3:00 afternoon races start
3:40-chamois up/make sure everything is organized for the afternoon-gears, bars, shoes, helmets, food, drink
4-8:00 I raced my 3 races, I don't remember the times/rolled on the rollers for warm up and cool down for each race/stretched/sat/watched.
I think it's best sometimes to not know, as long as you know when to fuel yourself, stay hydrated.
It kind of reminds me of a casino, you know how they don't have any clocks or windows:) b/c they want you to loose track of time so you stay longer-same principal on the track:) The only windows to the outside world are at the front of the track.
8:00 racing for me is over/change clothes-use lots of baby wipes here;)/start packing things back up/eat whatever is left/wait for prize money.
9:00 leave
9:30 find restaurant
10:30 home
10:40 showered and chillin
11:00 sleep!

Day after race.....wake up at 9:) Coffee and couch time, nice long road ride planned:)

Pictures coming soon....

Saturday, February 12, 2011

L.A. outside rides

The riding(once out of town-whatever that means) is actually pretty nice, well decent anyway:) I guess there really isn't any "getting out of town" but less lights, and less busy roads turns into beautiful scenery and rolling hills.

We also enjoyed a ride on the beach, which is always kind of comical because you never quite know what you are going to encounter, did I mention that I met some new friends? Can't remember....but I did:).

Other than that, I miss my pup-I'll get to see him soon though:)

Palos Verdes ride....

The beach bike path....

Venice beach was interesting to say the least, it was like a flea market-oh wait....a HIPPIE flea market with a slice of New Orleans thrown in-IN TA REST ING.....:)

Ok, other than that working on my track skills:)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Trackity Wack

Here's what's funny.....that is a XXS skin suit, last year I couldn't get my leg in one side, now I'm wearing the thing:) funny...

Did you get that? I'm at the track;) and having fun. I've really taken to it, I love the smell, the sound, the people-all is good. I also loved riding the bike path along the coast for an easy ride, enjoying the scenery, the location, the sun, the waves-it was just overwhelmingly beautiful and I feel totally blessed to be here.

Winter months are winding down, so I'm finishing up my knitting(I only learned how to knit scarves), got a new book for my b-day(The Animal Dialogues by Craig Childs), getting schedules for the race season, putting up the skis and dialing myself in.

Other than that......watching college basketball:)