Tuesday, September 22, 2009


So I'm about to head out the door to go to Las Vegas and cheer on my Hudz-Subaru teammates and attend Interbike and I'm so excited! It looks like the weather will be absolutely perfect, high 90's and low 70's which is a bit different than the weather here today! It is COLD(48)! I've got a lot of adjusting to do:)

Interbike should be really cool, I feel like it is Christmas, except there are no gifts for me to take home:( WAIT yes there is!!! Hudz-Subaru gear:) YES! And all my cycling buddies from around the country will be there too, I'm such a social butterfly! haha!

So I will take a bunch of pics and maybe roll some dice and bring home the big bucks and some cycling stuff too! I will post pictures when I get back!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The end of season

Well the end of the season has finally arrived!! Bittersweet for sure.

It finished with criteriums in St. Louis, MO(Gateway Cup) over the Labor Day weekend. The first crit was on Friday night(8:30), which was bit late for me but it was a blast to race at night and I ended up getting 7th, my best finish from the whole season! I was pretty excited and I felt great! Saturday was another crit in a different part of town and I did ~ok....I got 21st, again another personal best for me.

Sunday, the criterium was on a decent road, there were a couple of bad spots that weren't marked and it was sprinkling too....BAD combo....sure enough about 10 laps in a girl caught one of those holes and created the domino effect and I went down with the group.

The plus about it all? The rain actually had the road slick enough to not create too much road rash at all but I'm bruised on my entire right leg. Someone fell on top of me....When I "came" to, I did a quick self check and tried to stand up, the leg was KILLING me but I was willing to give it another go, so the mechanic replaced my rear wheel, straightened out my shifter and gave the bike a look over.

While he was doing that, I took off my helmet to give it a look and everything was all good. So I tried another two laps and my leg was fried, so I pulled out and went to the medical tent and got a couple of bandages and an ice pack and headed back to the car.....be a pro not a hero:)

Monday morning the race was right in front of the Cardinals stadium and close to the arch, it was beautiful!! I warmed up with the ValueAct girls and decided not to race, I have a full season of cyclocross ahead of me:)

All in all the season turned out to be pretty successful:
1. I met the best of the best in cycling and got to ride/race right beside em.
2. I had a chance to get noticed a bit to make a difference, hopefully enough to join a team.
3. Visited places I've never been before
4. Got in the best training I've done thus far! And plan on plenty more!

My next adventure includes racing cyclocross for the pro team Hudz-Subaru and we will be racing from now until December, so lots of snow, cold, wet weather and I'm so excited!