Tuesday, January 15, 2013

2013 prep

I'm currently in Tucson, training and preparing for the upcoming season and team camp, putting in the miles, doing group rides and starting to really focus in on the details.  The weather has been amazing, a bit cold these last couple of days with highs in the 40's which is pretty cold for here.  Of course back home in Dolores, the high is 20, so I'll take 40 any day over that.  Plus it's hard or near impossible to get productive workouts without getting to cold in 20 degree weather.

I've done the Tucson shootout once and enjoyed it, looking forward to more of those:)!  I enjoy seeing all the other cyclists - loads of women riders - and giving a wave to a fellow lycra wearer:).

I've only taken a couple of pictures, there aren't too many rides I'm stopping and taking in the sites, sorry.

Off the bike, Kathryn, George(host friends and fellow riders) and I have been watching The Big C - a Showtime series.  It's really good! I'm hooked.  I hope I can get episodes on Hulu or something for something to do during the down time in the season.  Check it out.  We've also been watching Arizona basketball(George is a fan) and the NFL playoffs - I love all sports!

I've just read Nicole Cooke's retirement statement - WOW.  I'm very thankful for dedication from the sponsors I've been lucky enough to associate with.  I've always been paid my salary and have always been blessed to have the proper gear all year long.  I can't imagine it any other way, so it was a good gut check to not take these things for granted.

Could you imagine going to work and the boss saying, yeah, so we won't have this month's paycheck for ya- sorry.  But hey, keep on working! Dang.....

So today's ride, I will be thinking about the good guys of the sport, those trying to support the women in the sport - Optum, TIBCO, Exergy, NOW, Vanderkitten and all of our sponsors, all of the bikes, all of the equipment and clothing, all of the behind the scenes people(directors, owners, race directors, volunteers).  Think about that....THANK YOU!!

Alright - go ride.
 It really is pretty here....

 Post ride goodness!

 Another beautiful road...

 Which one???

 My tired guy..

I mean, you have this big ole bed and that's how you sleep 'on' it....

Reading: Marshall Ramsey's Fried Chicken and Wine
Listening: Cornman from Little Big Planet game
Eating: that big ole burrito from La Salsa looks pretty good:)!
Watching: The Big C
Feeling: like I need to dance to Cornman.
Website: Twitter on Thursdays - #clickthruthurs - participate and support women's cycling.