Friday, January 22, 2010

Time to go home

Well it is the end of the week and time to head back north. Apparently it has been dumping snow back home, so much so that one more day of Tucson was a must seeing that all roads home are closed, it is STILL snowing! When I called Ken and Laura(friends keeping Miller), they said it snowed about 26" in 24hrs and it was snowing today. WOW!

So since my last post, I got in some GREAT days on the bike and I loved every one of them! We've ridden all over Tucson and it's outskirts, I've been on flat, straight, boring roads, rough-needed to be completely redone roads, Mt. Lemon, Gates Pass, Madera Canyon, University of Arizona, you name it, I've been on it;) So it seems.....

My recommendations for riding: Mt. Lemon(no brainer there), Gates Pass(either way, both climbs are beautiful and diff. in their own way), Madera Canyon(the catch here is to drive part way down there b/c the ride down is mostly like riding on a HWY=borrrrrrriiinnnngggg).

Overall the weather has been perfect, minus the last 2 days. It rained a LOT last night and the winds here are brutal. It blew around 30mph all day yesterday and similar winds today.

Food in Tucson:
On a roll sushi - yum a tum!!! Kind of expensive though, so don't go on a completely empty belly-ooops, my mistake!
Barrio's bar and grill - it is in an industrial looking area but once inside, very nice! Big comfy bar stools, roomy tables, lots of TV's(not too many like Buffalo Wild Wings though) and not overly loud at all, great beer on tap and good food(honestly)! I think this is my favorite place for a couple of reasons, 1. The staff is super nice 2. I haven't had a bad meal yet(been there twice, going back after I write this) 3. It just has a warm, welcoming feeling to it.
Cafe Poca Cosa was ok, it is mexican food with a freshness twist and big portions! My plate, chicken something or another, so I had like 4 chicken breasts on the plate with watermelon, olives, salad and beans/rice was served separate. There was way too much food but it was good and again, a bit pricey but it was a great atmosphere and good experience.
El Minuto - good mexican food at a great price! The best thing on their menu is the chicken burro. The "burrito" was just chicken, which was seasoned perfectly and not dry at all and a tortilla(homemade tasting), served w/ beans and rice. I never eat the rice at a Mexican joint for some reason, dunno why but the beans were gooooood and the salsa was spicy hot! Yum a tum! Service was fast and the prices were perfect.

That's about it, I went to the Whole Foods Market as well as the Safeway, both were just what you are used to and another plus, everyone was so friendly and helpful......maybe it is just cause I'm cute and have a southern accent;) hahahah! Probably not though....:)

I was hoping to head to Santa Cruz, CA in a week or so but nothing has come through for housing, so maybe John and Leslie will let me come back south, this time with Miller:)? Hmmm, well first things first....getting home.

I will post again once I get settled back home and let you guys know how the drive went;) Should be interesting!

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  1. Keep em coming! And I love the 'foodie' parts. Hmmm. Glad you had a great time!

    Be safe and take some snow pics back home!

    love ya!