Monday, January 18, 2010

Another week

Since the weather back in Colorado has snow in the forecast for the next 5 days, I've opted to stay in Tucson and continue the warm weather riding till Friday. I talked to Laura(my most awesomeist friend and dog sitter) and she was cool with holding on to the pup till Friday.

So I've gotten in some more quality miles and time on the bike! Last night, Mike and I ate at an awesome brew pub, Barrio's, right down town and it was a nice, quiet pub. We watched the end of the Jets/Chargers and called it a day. I was pooped, then with a belly full of good food, yeah, stick a fork in me, I was DONE!

It is supposed to rain today but if it holds off, we are gonna ride with John and Leslie for about 30/45min. I'll get in some yoga and maybe some more lookin around. Tucson is a neat city with lots of small, cool places hidden in different neighborhoods.

Oh, apparently I made MS Catholic too. There was a small write up about the 5th/6th graders and St. Francis and their visitor(me). So if anyone sees a copy can you pick it up for me? Mom and dad probably need a copy huh? :)

Wonder if it is snowing back home yet.....

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  1. Brrrrrrr.... sounds cold, but nice! We're up to 70 degrees in sunny MS today. Craazy weather!

    Keep the posts comin'! I love hearing from you!

    and.... how about a pic now and then? ;)