Tuesday, January 5, 2010


I can finally spill the beans on my signing with a professional team! I will be racing the 2010 season with Team VBF(Vera Bradley Foundation)! I'm so excited! I'm one of the newbies on the team which is made up of some stellar women that have had some major accomplishments. There are multiple National champions on the team and some amazing racers that have been at this for a while and know what it takes to do this full time.

I'm really excited to be racing for this team because will are not only racing for our sponsors we are also racing to bring awareness to breast cancer-I dig that cause.....

Anyway, here is the link to the press release. It was in velo news a couple of weeks ago but if you didn't see it:

I bet we will be ALL PINK! hahah! I'm not much on pink but it is growing on me;)

So for now, my plan is to start on some long, hard rides and get ready for camp in March and look forward to a long, productive season!


  1. Well yeah, you are gonna be great!!!! I'm soooo excited!

    Go forth and ride!
    Two Big Fans at Lost Rabbit

    Hey, when you comin' back? The Rabbit is real nice in the springtime...

  2. Hey Lauren! This is Steve; wanted to say HI and was great to meet you over Xmas when you came over for the 'pic' session. Michelle has enjoyed so much working the shots. They are great; you take super pics. The article is exciting. Go out there and race to the top.

    Keep on keepin ' on. We think you are adorable! Ciao.


  3. Thank you guys so much:) What a blast being around you guys:)!!!! Thank you for the support!!! Love y'all!!!!