Thursday, January 7, 2010


So a couple of things I shipped back to Colorado made it to the house yesterday! I'm pretty excited! While I was home I shopped around in downtown Vicksburg on Washington St. If you guys ever get a chance to cruse over to Vicksburg, definitely check out the coffee shop, HWY 61 and above it is the Attic Gallery.

Also, there is an awesome, small bookstore next door and right up the road there is an art gallery, H.C. Porter that is amazing stuff!

A couple of things: the Attic Gallery showcases local MS artists only and there is paintings, pictures, nick nacks, all kinds of stuff EVERYWHERE! Walking up the steps, it starts there and it is on the walls, on the floor and there are 2 stories of nothing but cool art!!! It is a favorite of mine.

The H.C. Porter gallery, I'm not so sure on this stuff, but she takes regular pictures and then pulls the color out of them and then paints on top of it, I is amazing stuff!

The coffee shop is just awesome! Quiet, quaint and I swear when I was home at Christmas and I was there enjoying some awesome hot chocolate, that I saw Morgan Freeman.....if not that man looked just LIKE him! They also have fresh baked breads in the morning available for purchase, yummmm

The book store next door has a local artist section that is amazing! I picked up a couple of awesome books: Give my poor heart ease by William Ferris and a Faulkner book, New Orleans Sketches. Can I read two books at the same time? YES!!!

Then once you've done all that for a couple of hours, head down the hill one block and check out the awesome murals on the flood wall, you can walk along the walking path and read about each painting and how it is a representation of Vicksburg. They are pretty amazing paintings! Then walk back up the hill and head a block or two up and check out some cute shops before stopping in on a restaurant, I think it is Duff's. Grab some good food and drinks and then you have to have the bread pudding! I don't even like bread pudding but theirs was AWESOME!

If you want to go in a diff. direction head past the coffee shop a block down and hit up Rusty's! They are expanding! And anything you get there is awesome! And right across the street is a new museum about the river boats, I don't think it is open yet? Dunno....

I think it would be an awesome mini vacation get away. To stay in one of the B&B's right there downtown and walk around and check out all the shops and enjoy some good food and some serious hills! And don't forget to cruise through the military park, again, amazing stuff in there!!! Great photo opportunities:)

Anyway, I'm proud of my little home town:) So stop by sometime and check it out!


  1. I miss Vicksburg! I recently went into the H.C. Porter gallery for the first time before Thanksgiving. Can't wait to get my print framed!

  2. Oh cool!!! Isn't just the neatest stuff!!!? I got a lot of note cards....I'm excited:)