Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Tucson, AZ

Well, I got the official word from the team director for the first races of the season as well as team training camp.

So that means I've headed south for the winter for some warm weather riding. It gets the mind fresh because the change in weather lets you wear short sleeves and shorts only, not bundled up like normal winter time riding. Leslie and John Cox are letting us stay in their extra apartment they have for free. That is such a relief! I met Leslie and John this past summer in Dolores, they have a summer home in Dolores because it isn't as hot as Tucson and in the winter they stay here, in their house behind the apt.

I woke up this morning, made some coffee, stepped outside to see what it felt like and it was PERFECT! T-shirt and pants all week!!!

Something else that is awesome, the apt. is right downtown, within walking distance from a couple of museums! I wonder if I will have the legs to do a little recreational walking?

Well, I'm looking forward to jumping on the bike, so I'm off!! Got a map of all the bike paths, an idea where Mt. Lemon is and plenty of food to go.......

Hope Miller is acting right at Laura's(I told him, no skunks, no mud rolling.....)

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