Thursday, April 1, 2010

Bike building 101

Doug, starting out, not so sure which comes first...the allen wrench or the grease:)
Placing the new levers close to where the old ones were to get a reference of hand placement and comfort.
Doug, tightening down the left lever.
Michael getting the proper length of cable housing.
Michael using the special cutting tool from Park Tools so the housing doesn't crimp.
Measuring the rear derailleur cable housing.
Doug, feeding the cable through the housing.
Doug is getting the brake cable prepped.
Michael is showing Doug which part of the tool to use for crimping the cable caps for a finished product.
Time to feed the chain! Michael started with the rear pulleys.
Michael is describing how to get the proper chain length.

Doug putting the finishing touches on the front derailleur cable...
The finishing touches are the most important:) Doug is figuring out how his taping job is different than Michael's....everyone does it different...

Doug with his finished product and looking forward to a ride....

So last night, Doug and I got a lesson in bike building from Michael. It was fun, I've seen them done before but never really paid attention to be honest. So Doug needed his bike rebuilt with Shimano 7800 and I tagged along for the adventure.

Doug brought over some homemade turkey lasagna, wine and beer around 5:30 and at 10:30, we had finished the lesson.

My apologies because I didn't start taking pictures until after the bottom bracket, crank and rear derailleur had been done....


  1. I was hoping that was enough pictures:) I'm no pro like you but I tried my best;) I see you are up and out world, Michelle is BACK!