Monday, April 12, 2010

Having fun

My teammate Alison Testroete
A couple of sponsors:) Amy - Specialized, Alsion, Lisa, Kevin-Betwixt chamois cream and myself
I got second! Whooo hooo!
So over the last 2 months I've had my first ever pro team podium and my first ever pro individual podium!!!! Holy cow, what a feeling! To be standing beside some of the best riders in the world and I'm up there with them!

The first pro podium ever was with my team(Team VBF) at Redlands Bicycle Classic, our team won general classification! This means that our team had the most riders finish with the best results from each day compared to the other teams. There are some funny pictures on the team facebook page, check them out when you get a chance! So after Redlands I flew back to Colorado and went from 60-70 degree weather to 40's and snow! Whoa! I was spoiled in California thats for sure! After riding in the cold for a week and a half, my team director flew me back out to California for a team PR event-Cinderella Classic. I've never seen so many tutus, tiaras, pink boas and bike tassels in my life, it was amazing! 66miles of riding with hundreds of women along the way, for fun and sheer enjoyment of exercise and commraderie with other women. There were stops along the way with an assortment of foods and at the end was an expo full of cycling goodies! The expo had cycling clothes, exercise clothing, food, beverages, photo opportunities and Specialized and Trek were set up outside loaded with bikes for women. What a site!

After the Cinderella Classic on Saturday I was a bit tired from all the riding and socializing but there was more planned for the weekend. On Sunday my host - Kelly, my teammate - Alison and I drove to Menlo Park for a wet criterium. It rained all day on Sunday but we had some racing to do so, better just get to it. I knew in my mind I wanted to stay towards the front to stay safe and hopefully make a break and that is just what happened. About 4 laps into the 60min race, a break of 5 were gone. It was Shelly Evans(one of the worlds best track racers), Rebecca Much, Alison Starnes, Mary from Touchstone racing and myself. We stayed away the entire race and I got second overall to Shelly, it really was an amazing day.

It's kind of funny because when I talked to dad after the podium at Redlands, he said, "Ok, now you are on the podium, you can't get off!" I'm just trying to do what my parents told me to do:)


  1. Lauren, I'm one of the guests you were kind enough to ride with at Sea Otter. I'm still stoked--especially after Alison won the next day! Great to meet you. Glad you got to ride to Olema (assuming it's our Olema)--great place to ride. I'll be watching for VBF names in the race results. Jay Rawlins (the Cervelo guy)