Friday, March 26, 2010


So today is Friday, 9:03 p.m. and I'm ready for bed. A cyclist is a lot like the old folks:) We go to bed REALLY early, wake up REALLY early(during racing anyway), drink our food(on the bike) and when we aren't racing or eatin, we are sleeping:)

I'm in Redlands and today was Stage 2, the Beaumont stage. It was hard:) I was doing my best to stay at the front and do my job of protecting teammates and keeping an eye on the competition. I kind blew up on the second lap but I made it to the end before the time cut, which is progress from last year. Last year I got time cut and that was the end of my racing for the weekend. When I finished today I was frustrated that I couldn't hang in with the group till the end and I was exhausted, so I had a couple of moments to myself to relieve the frustration. Afterwards, I was fine and enjoyed that my teammate Alison Powers is in the climbers jersey:) Good job!!!

She has a blog that I follow, check it out:

Tomorrow is the criterium downtown at 2pm, so there will probably be an early morning ride just to get the legs moving and then head down to the course around 12:30ish.....

Oh yeah, side bar here......I ran into my buddy Brad Huff(he races for Jelly Belly), I met him about a year ago, SUPER nice guy and it was good to catch up with him and hear about his last year or so since I've seen him:) It is good to get racing b/c you get to see your friends that you FB and Twitter all the time:) YAY! Good for Mrs. Social Butterfly:)

Ok, well it is getting to be that time for me to start winding down. See ya'll later!

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