Thursday, April 29, 2010

School visit

This morning I had the opportunity to speak to a school group in Cortez. It is a mountain biking class, how cool is that?!!! Hopefully something like that will be coming to a school in MS sooner than you think!

Anyway, the kids were awesome and had some great questions! Their class gets to work on the bikes, ride the local trails and read books regarding cycling and athletics. I talked about my history of sports, getting into cycling, moving to Colorado, chasing your dreams, nutrition, sponsors, racing......we talked about everything cycling!! I swear! I could've kept talking but I think they ran out of things to ask.:) I also had a small video I put together of racing and hopefully they enjoyed that.

It is fun to do those kinds of things because I feel like it may motivate them to do something different than the 'norm'. We will see:)

And guess what, it's snowing again.....blah! See y'all soon! Time to get a ride inside.....

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