Friday, April 16, 2010


So for my best friend's birthday(Toni), she received some of the best news anyone could ever get....her husband's cancer is gone!!!!! What a blessing from God, I truly believe it! When I come home in May, I hope to see them and hang out for a bit, she is on the top of the friend list to see for sure. I missed her at Christmas because her mom had cancer and Toni was spending all her time in LA with her mom and her dad, poor Toni has had one hell of a run at it lately so happy birthday to Toni for getting some great birthday news:)

As for me....I am in Monterey, CA racing Sea Otter at the Laguna Seca Speedway and it is such a cool place!! They have mountain bike races, downhill racing and road racing, it's funny because all of us in spandex are a bit outnumbered:) But it is awesome to see all the different bikes cruzin around and enjoying the sunshine! They also have a sweet expo set up and we've had the opportunity to go and thank a couple of sponsors as well as have some guests come along for a 'ride with the pros' ride. I love meeting new people and to learn how we all have come to this one spot in the world for this weekend:)

Yesterday was the criterium (on part of the speedway) and it went ok....I learned a couple more things to racing....every race, something new is learned. As long as I'm progressing, I'm happy, I hate I couldn't have done more for the team but again next time will be better, so we move on:)

Tomorrow is the circuit race on the speedway, for 2hrs and it has a pretty steep hill before we descend on this AWESOME cork screw turn! I want to take a hot lap in one of the cars on the track!!! The cork screw is so much fun on the bike and I could only imagine the fun that could be had in a car!!! Faster, faster, faster!

Then I fly back to Colorado on Sunday

The host house is so cool, they have dogs, cats, chickens and horses. It is nice to go to a host house that has animals because it makes me feel more at home and most of the animals are so loving and that sure does help a lot sometimes during racing when the day didn't go according to plan:) Animals always seem so happy to see you...whoever we are:)

Hope Miller doesn't get jealous reading this post:).......


  1. Glad to hear Toni's good news! & Miller won't mind, he's a good boy. He knows he's #1

  2. You should have seen Toni! Biggest smile ever!!! It was a good day...

    Sounds like you're having a great week!
    Ride hard.