Sunday, April 4, 2010

Schedule for a couple of weeks

So here is my schedule for the next couple of weeks and then past that, I'm not sure so I won't post my full summer schedule because things change a good bit....

Fly back out to San Fransisco on Friday, April 9th and participate in the Cinderella Classic. I will stay with my team director, Lisa, until time for Sea Otter(the following weekend). Then I fly back home(Colorado) on the 18th and stay until it is time for Joe Martin Stage Race, May 6-9th. From there I think I'm going to stay in MS for a week or so and hang out with the family! YAY! They are planning on making the Joe Martin race, which will be their first race ever:) and I get to see my favorite nephew:) I'm excited about that.....

Other than that, today-Easter, was wonderful! The weather has been a bit chilly since I've been home and it snowed 2 days ago, so when today warmed up to the 50's I was excited:) All the snow has melted and the trees are about to bust open with blooms. I know there will probably be more snow to come but I'm thankful for the warm weather in between:)

Time for some fish tacos......:)


  1. Awesome races,
    awesome places,
    awesome YOU!

  2. Hey, let me know when you'll be in MS! I might be walking (at better than a snail's pace) by then and we can link up!

  3. Never been a fan of fish tacos personally....