Monday, July 6, 2009

Ally, 4th of July, bear, oh my

I would like to introduce you to Ally Stacher.  She is a cool chick that has already explored the world at the young age of 22.  She is a super outgoing, fun loving, hippie, bike riding chick that acquires friends everywhere she goes.  We meshed right away and she is going to be a blast to race with.  The world needs more Ally's.  She has gone back home now but we will be seeing each other again soon, at Cascades.  

Also, last week, Carla Thompson and her sister Alice had dinner with me at Serious Texas BBQ in Durango.  We had a blast talking about everywhere they have been in the last 6 weeks of travel, they seem to be the perfect traveling companions.  It was so good to see a familiar face from back home and have a great dinner with friends.

July 4th was pretty mellow, we had a get together with some friends and enjoyed some good food and a beautiful sunset.  That was about the extent of the festivities, I was  tired from the earlier ride, so I turned in before the fireworks.

This morning was exciting though, I woke up to a bear in the yard.  It got away before I got a picture.  I'm sure he will be back be continued......

1 comment:

  1. I'm lovin Ally! She looks like great fun! and you twos seem great!
    In the bottom photo, that is you, isn't it? I notice that the speed limit is 35. I'm sure ya'll are breaking the law!

    And that's awesome for Carla! I love her van When she gets back I gotta get some photos of her and her bad ride!

    And a bEaR! YIKES! Don't leave the Giant out - you'll wake up to the butt end of a bear on it going down the driveway. (that would be a site, wouldn't it?)

    Ride Hard!