Saturday, July 25, 2009

Day 3,4

So stage 3 was the time trial. I really wasn't expecting to do to well just because of the previous days' events and I figured I should save some energy for stage 4, which was a good thing because it was hard! But I ended up putting up a decent time and that is part of the Nationals course so that was good training for that as well.

Ha! I'm just now getting Internet and getting back to posting, I'm so sorry!!!! And man, time flew! All I can tell you about the last 3 stages, is that they were hard and fast!!!! The criterium was a four corner crit with a long back stretch and front stretch w/ sharp corners in turns 3 and 4. Someone told me we averaged 27mph for 50min! OUCH! The last day was a circuit course (18miles x 3laps) which is also the Nationals course for Thursday (18miles x 4 laps) so it was good to race that to know what is coming up. I think by Sunday I was totally pooped:) But in a great way!

ValueAct girls were great and taught me a lot and they were all really cool with me being on the team as a guest rider as well....thanks for having me girls!

Yesterday and today are EASY days and then I will be getting ready for Thursday for tomorrow's ride....

Last night I went to see the Tanner family, their daughter Millie is doing the juniors race today and she is a good kid, so I wish her well:) That family is a hoot! I hope to see them again by the end of the week, we will see:)!

Sorry I'm all over the place but I'm trying to put in as much info as possible and get as much done as possible in between charging the laptop, eating, sleeping, sleeping, bike riding, sleeping, hanging out w/ people, sleeping:) hehe

Thanks for reading my rambles!

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