Monday, July 20, 2009

Pre ride

So when we got in town yesterday afternoon, we found the host house and went to trader joes for some grub and got back home for supper. They have a HUGE yellow lab named Barney and he is so sweet! Kristin McGrath is at the same house with me, which works wonderfully, we mesh well together.

So this morning we get up had a great breakfast and then went to the other team house and met up with the other girls and went to check out the TT course, which is going to be interesting! It is 14miles long, half of it is up hill, turn around and go back down the hill and the road isn't that great so finding the perfect line will be key so as not to get bumped all over the place!

All the girls of ValueAct are super sweet and nice. I'm sure it is hard for them when a guest rider comes in and they have to show them the ropes every thanks gals for letting me come play;)

Sorry Michelle, no pictures, I haven't had any time, plus trying to get acclimated to the team and my surroundings.....

Things are about to start flying by and before I know it this race and Nationals will be over:(

Did I mention that I'm having a blast????????

1 comment:

  1. Drat on photos.
    I thought Barney was purple.
    I know the team is lovin U!
    Make sure you have a super-sized blast!