Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Day 1

Day one of the CCC was a blast, until the end;).....I did my job to my best ability, which was to cover anything that went and that I did:) Lisa Hunt(director) was awesome, talking to us on the radios and keeping us motivated. I came back and fed from the car and took bottles to the girls and managed to miss two crashes apparently that happened sometime. Also saw Louise from Team LaS'Port from Louisiana, she has family here and came out to give it a try! AWESOME! I did see in the results that she didn't finish, I hope she wasn't in any of the crashes and I hope she is ok!

I finished 3min down because after chasing things for 50miles, you get tired! And about that time, other racers started stringing it out, really putting the hammer down for the last 20k, I got dropped, grabbed some bottles from the car and said my peace:) I joined up with another group of girls and we worked together to get to the finish.

All in all, it was a good day for me......every race is a learning experience and I'm learning how to get to the finish with the front more and more each one. One day it will happen, I'm also learning the value of patience....dang it....:)

So after the race, we had some post race grub and drinks, went back to the team house, had a team meeting for the next stage, got a massage and headed on back to our host house.....

Tomorrow is a day of climbing but hopefully things will settle a bit until the last 20k, but who knows, either way I will give it my all.....:)

Oh, BEND IS SO SWEET!!!!!! Maybe my next move?????:)

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