Monday, June 29, 2009

Weekend events

So this weekend was a great training weekend:

Saturday I drove over to Durango and did the A ride(as long as possible anyway), which was only 40miles but with lots of climbing in those 40miles.  We finished with a killer sprint and I blew up about the time we were supposed to sprint! haha! My heart was about to explode!!! I was so mad that I didn't get to sprint after such a great ride but none the less, more training in the bag right?!

That afternoon we headed out for Albuquerque for the New Mexico State Crit Championships.  I didn't know what to expect, if racing would be harder, different, whatever out west.  When we got to the course, I recognized a couple of girls from Tour of the Gila and figured I would have my work cut out.  Either way, I needed it to be hard for a productive, butt kickin weekend.  The course was flat, nothing special but the weather was trying to play a factor.  It was raining for a while in the previous races but cleared up for our race and it is so dry here, the road dried up in no time!

There wasn't a big field of us but the race organizers had a box FULL of goodies to hand out during the race and it made the race go from the gun! They offered a prim on the second lap and after I settled in, I hammered it from lap 3:) The group caught me and I rested a couple of laps and attacked again.  It was a lot of fun! And I won:)!

After the women's race I got a bit more water, talked strategy for a minute, then spun around till the start of the men's 3/4 race.  I figured I ought to be a bit more conservative in that race w/ the boys:)  It started the same way as the women's, offering a prize/prim on the second lap and the guys weren't to excited about it, so I went for it! I got it! I sat up and waited for them to catch me cause I knew this was only the beginning of a long 45min +3laps.....

A couple of guys attacked and I was able to stick with em and then a group caught us and the majority of the race was a break of about 10 of us and we stayed away the entire time.  I won a couple other prizes and made it till 2 laps to go and by then I was toast......

All in all a GREAT weekend, today is an easy day, then keep going hard this week!

Here is a pic of the great swag I won!!! I told the race promoters and organizers thank you more than once for all the great stuff!!! How nice!

I also wanted to say thank you to the kickstand bike shop for all the goodies they donated.

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  1. A Few Things...
    Love the photograph (this is going to Alburquereureusisis - that got out of control, didn't it?)

    Need 101 training on the lingo

    Glad you won and sad you were toast!

    Be back later!
    Ride Hard!