Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Day 2

Today was 80miles w/ a 10k climb at the end. So the plan for today was to get 2 of the ValueAct climbers to the climb and job is done for us. Well it ended up being extremely hot today, so I did my job as a domestic(worker for the team pretty much) and got bottles from the car and took them to the girls a couple of times and tried to chase down things that needed to be chased down.....sweh, I'm tired:)

Sorry if my post goes a bit crazy, I'm sleepy....

ANYWAY, so a break got up the road with one of our girls and the peleton was happy with the break so things slowed up for a bit until we got to about 5k from the start of the climb and then the pace started up again.

The break was caught and then it was time for our next girls to go and they did and I came in 16min. back with some of the other girls.

Kristin McGrath got third, so another podium for VAC!!! I'm so happy for my roomy!!!! You go girl!

So I just finished my massage, supper and team meeting for the TT tomorrow. It is 16miles, 1/2 of it is uphill, then turn around and come on back down the hill:) It will be hard but good!

Oh yeah, there have been a couple of crashes the last two days with some bad injuries I think, I hope all is well to those was right beside me today and pushed a couple of riders over in on me a bit but things have been upright and all is well!

See y'all later!

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  1. Even if you are sleepy, grumpy, bitchy, and all of those other dwarf words, you must post events at a race every day.

    There are too many details that will come and go quickly and be lost forever.

    You are living a dream...

    Nighty-nite... Hey! What's this about a daily massage??