Saturday, February 13, 2010

Tucson ridin

I think one of my favorite rides here in Tucson is Gates Pass. I think mostly because it was the first ride I did when I got down here the first time and it is associated with the new year with a new team. It has a small climb in it and the roads are nice with minimal traffic.

There are a LOT of cyclist here and it is so fun to do all these rides and usually see someone you know! On the way to Madera Canyon, we passed Todd Wells. He is a pro mountain biker and cross racer and a super nice guy. He helped set up the cyclocross course in Dolores for a small fee of pizza and beer:) I'm also trying to catch up with Rebecca Much again, we rode together on Mt. Lemon my first time here in January. Rebecca is a wonderful person and an outstanding rider. We were on the Hudz-Subaru team together this past year and she is racing for the TIBCO team next year and I look forward to the challenge:) Off the bike she is super sweet and easy going, which is rare in the road racing world:)

I really enjoy being down here in Tucson, it kind of feels like home away from home. I've gotten to know my way around the city(for the most part), I know exactly where the grocery store is, I know where some good shopping is, a couple of staple food places that I've gotten to know the menu:) and just all around I have a good feeling about being here. Usually in riding, training or racing you only stay a week or so and just stay in your bubble and then leave but here it has been more than that and I hope I can continue to make this trip in the future.

Well that's about all I got this morning.....holla back ya'll!

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