Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Tucson Days

These last 2 days of riding have been amazing! Nothing too major about the rides, actually they were both easy, 2hr rides but there was just something about them. Maybe it was the combination of the beautiful weather, great roads and rested legs or maybe I'm getting excited about team camp and the upcoming season, I don't know....

Things are coming together quite nicely. I have a couple of races coming up in March and I know I'm not in the best form but that is the main idea.....I want to peak and last throughout the summer not just be in the best shape for March, so things will be coming together for a while I hope:) Racing will be extra hard at the beginning but I'm ok with that, just as long as I can race my bike:)

I look forward to representing the team in the best way I can, which means being in the best shape and being prepared for racing.

Other than that, I'm watching the awesome Olympics at night and LOVING it!!!! How inspiring!
Question: Why wouldn't a brewery work in Vicksburg? Downtown? I'm loving the one in here in Tucson(Barrios) plus the one back home(Dolores River Brewery) and the one in Durango(Steamworks). I'm just curious why there aren't more back home? Jackson?

My cuz has Yazoo Brewery in Nashville, Andrea enjoys the Flying Saucer(Memphis)....maybe I'm on to something?

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  1. Hey, You Awesome Self! I was thinking about you a lot today! Glad you are having great rides, and sounds like you've got your mind right!

    Now I can not tell you why a brewery won't work in Jax. It's a mystery for sure. I think between us we could get it well on it's way! ;)

    Take pics, ride hard.