Thursday, February 11, 2010


It's raining in Tucson again:( But that is ok because the 7 days are supposed to be NICE! 70 degree nice, bring it! Since we knew it was going to rain and be kind of nasty these 2 days we did a long 5hr ride, Madera Canyon and back.

When I was here in January, we did this ride but it was the end of a long week and instead of going all the way to the top, we just turned around at mile 10 instead of going the full 13 1/2. So this time around I wanted to go all the way to the top.

Madera Canyon is very deceiving.....the first time we did the ride, I felt like crap, my legs were super tired, I felt like I was going 2mph and the road seemed flat. I NEVER thought that we were climbing the entire 10miles, it just looked flat! But as soon as we turned around it was a sweet decent back down and I thought.....all you had to do was turn around and look back to see that we were climbing. But sometimes you just get so focused on what is in front of you, you don't even realize what you've accomplished by what is behind you.....

So back to the latest ride up......I knew what to expect and I had fresh legs:) So the first 10miles weren't too bad AT ALL. Then comes the next 3 1/2. They were a LOT steeper but the scenery made up for it by far, it was SO BEAUTIFUL! And my poor Iphone picture just doesn't do it justice......

It was steep enough that on the descent, instead of a normal 'road' descent were you can relax the legs, this was more of a mountain bike descent(feet parallel, sitting WAY back on the saddle). BUT SO MUCH FUN! I LOVE going FAST!

So anyway, 5hrs later we make it home and it is time for lupper(lunch/supper). That is when you know you have had a good day in the saddle, you leave at brunch and come home at lupper:)

Get this, I only get like 4 stations here so I've been watching a lot of PBS specials. They are AWESOME because they don't have a whole lot of commercials!!!

Time for food......

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