Thursday, February 18, 2010

The road to Tucson....

My sweet nephew
Mt. Lemon at mile 15 getting burned up! I've been back and forth a couple of times and I'm headed back south tomorrow after a week of appointments here in Colorado for more training before camp. Camp is going to be in Santa Cruz, CA, March 1-8th and it is going to be busy, busy! But I'm really looking forward to getting things rolling.

The training up until now has been really, really great! Lots and lots of miles and fine tuning the bike to what I will be needing it to be. Here are a couple of pictures from mile 15 on Mt. Lemon, that is where we stopped. That was a 4 1/2hr day in the saddle = wonderful! Mt. Lemon is actually 26miles but with the other riding prior to starting the Lemon climb, that was my limit and time to turn around. So maybe next time I will go all the way???

You guys send some well wishes Michelle's way, she has a BUMMED knee and I'm sure she would love the positive, enlightening, encouraging words. I couldn't imagine having to be laid up like she has been, you go girl!!!

Family news:) My 3 year old nephew was accepted to Lausanne!! Yayyaay!!! You go boy:)

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  1. Hey, it's the Gimped Up Girl checking in!

    Thanks for the sweet words!

    And I'm sure the next time you attack Mt. Lemon, you will go all the way, after all, what are mountains there for, if not to climb?

    Wow. That got deep. ;)

    Ride Hard and enjoy the Sunshine!!!!