Tuesday, February 9, 2010


WOW, how exciting that must be for them huh????! That is amazing and it was an awesome feeling to watch it play out! I'm so happy for New Orleans, the team and the city...good job guys.

So training is going great, I had a couple of changes on the bike and I'm dialing it all in for the first couple of races. I'm keeping my goals short term right now, just so I can feel out the team, the riders, the races and how I play into the equation. I will probably reassess the goals in a month or so to see how everything is going and keep moving in that pattern probably for this year. So many variables can change month to month.

So yesterday was a good 2/3 hr ride and I met 2 girls that are here to race the Valley of the Sun and we rode together for about an hour. I think we are gonna catch up again today, I've got a long one to do today so the more the merrier for however long :)

Other than that, life is gooooooood, I'm settling into training and looking forward to the next couple of months to see how things go!

Time to finish the coffee:)