Saturday, April 28, 2012

Joe Martin race

Hello from Fayetteville, Arkansas!  It's nice to be back in the south, I feel at home here - good BBQ, lots of 'y'alls', big trucks - yeah, my kind of place:)  PLUS a HUGE PLUS is my family is here and even if it is brief, it is so good to see them, I've missed them!

So the race has been pretty eventful.  Amanda won the (uphill) time trial and we started the race with the pink jersey but quickly lost it the next day when the wheels fell off the wagon! But hey, that's bike racing and you sure do learn a lot that way:)  Today we recovered and took 1st and 2nd!  It felt GREAT to take the win and lift the team back up.

I hear a lot of times, oh it's just bike racing or what's the big deal but this is what we do - day in day out - and we are competitive as hell and we WANT to WIN, always.  So when we have bad days, it's like a bad day at the office and it hangs on to you, you take it home with you and you think about it over dinner and analyze every moment.  You wake up with it and you try your hardest to motivate yourself to go back into the office positive and smiling and we did just that.  We learned, moved forward and did what we do best - raced our bikes and won.

So tomorrow is the crit......what kind of day will it be?

Sorry no pictures, not too much coverage here:(

Reading: race bible - honestly
Watching: Sir Chris Hoy youtube of one of his wins
Listening: Let's Roll by Yelawolf
Eating: seedless watermelon
Feeling: happy to see my family(most of them anyway)

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