Monday, May 7, 2012

Tour of the Gila

After Joe Martin, Amanda and I jumped in the van with Chris at the wheel for the cross country trip.  It was mostly uneventful except for the breaking of a shelving rack in the trailer, which we had to handle before moving on.  We played javelin with the pieces before throwing them away like proper citizens:) Gotta have some fun somehow!

We made it to Silver City the next day with a couple more girls that we picked up at the ABQ airport and navigated to our amazing host house, in the middle of the forest!! It was so quiet and nice!

The race wasn't our best but I sure had a good time with my teammates, they are great friends and we enjoy lots of laughs together, no matter what.  We ended up having a couple of girls sick and some were tired so it was a long race.  Onward, upward.

I'm currently in the Denver airport, headed back home(CO) and looking forward to some rest and being home for more than 5 days.

Next races: Gatineau and Exergy

 Bought this in a gas station on the way to Silver City....thanks Chobani for the Olympic support.
 Amanda was too tired to stand while cooking....
 Vero's changing skirt...
 Vero's sewing action, she says she is better with skin but I'm not one to argue...
 Chris w/ his morning cupcake...breakfast of champions...nice ring...
Having fun w/ sponsor stuff....:)

Listening: country music, thanks to Amanda
Reading: A.J. Jacobs, Drop Dead Healthy
Eating: banana in the United Club
Watching: the planes roll in
Feeling: hungry!! My teammate Megan calls it the hungry Mondays - after stage racing your body thinks you are still racing so you are looking for calories and you are hungry ALL DAY!

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