Thursday, April 12, 2012


Tuesday we arrived in Arkel to the beautiful apple barn turned into a guest house. It is such a beautiful place!!! Arkel is a small town with some nice shopping that we’ve only breifly seen and looking forward to seeing more of it in the next 2 days.

Wednesday we had a team event with some of TIBCO’s finest employees and customers. We drove about an hour to the Olympic training center, which was really cool, had pre-ride coffee and a quick look around, then off for a fun ride. After a couple of hours we were back at the center for dinner and laughs with the TIBCO guys. Everyone was super nice and had lots of questions about the team. Thank you all for the fun ride.

Today, the sun was shining and the weather was beautiful, it made for a nice bike hopefully we can get back to town for some more shopping:)

Enjoy the pictures! Lots of em!

Apple barn bathroom...1 of 3....
Kitchen accessories???...
From the kitchen to the stairs.....
Shower outside of the sauna...
Bedroom, downstairs....
Headed out for some fun!!
They are everywhere..
Almost bought a pair for fun...
Everyone rides....
107 more of yesterday!!!
Megan going for the long jump record....
Short people race bikes, tall people work at KLM...:)

Reading: New Yorker from 2 weeks ago
Listening: Wait Wait Don't Tell Me on podcast
Watching: the rain clouds pass over
Eating: GF bread!!
Feeling: sleepy! Still recovering;)

Now if only I can find a massage therapist here!!


  1. Hey Lauren,

    Thank you very much for a fun ride yesterday with the TIBCO guys. I enjoyed it very much. Hope your back is a little bit better. If not, I searched for a massage therapist in Arkel, but couldn't find any. I did find a physical therapist in Arkel. Maybe he could help you with your back. This is the adress:
    Praktijk voor Fysiotherapie & ParaFit Arkel
    Kon. Wilhelminastraat 81
    4241 AW Arkel
    tel. nr. 0183 - 56 24 64

    Good luck with your back and your race on sunday! Hope you get a good result!

    Peter Willemsen (the NY marathon guy)

  2. thank you so much Peter!!! I will definitely look into this. We are trying to find a therapist through the host mom but if not, I will call this guy - hope he speaks English:)

    We enjoyed the ride as well, thank you for reading! And what a great story about your marathon! Hope you get to come back to the States and run another one:)

  3. Good luck with finding somebody who can help you Lauren! If you can't find anybody, I would be pleased to help you.... (nice ride to Buren: 1 hour on a bike!)