Thursday, April 5, 2012

Easter? Really?

It's funny how you can get stuck in the cycling world and forget everything else, or not forget, but it just goes to the back burner. I had no idea this weekend was Easter weekend! What a heathen! :)

I'm consumed with the Energiewacht Tour and the next 3-4 days, GC, positioning, start times, courses, wind, food, sleep, massage times, laundry and more food. I'm just thinking about the next day and the next, not the lovely holiday that brings spring!

If I were at home, doing the 9-5, I would be spending the weekend w/ the family and the weather would be warm and we would be working on some project with dad and cooking in the kitchen with mom. Happy Easter to my family! I love and miss you guys and see you in Arkansas soon!

BACK TO THE TOUR: This race course is flat, semi-small roads and windy. Thank goodness we woke up to sunshine today! This is the first time we have seen the sun since this past Sunday - no lie. Yesterday was really cold - high around 42 and windy and the day before was about the same but we survived, once you got rolling it wasn't that bad.

So all the teams are staying at the Pagecentrum which is like a campground but with bungalows, indoor swimming pool, tennis courts, basketball courts and a huge banquet room that we all eat dinner in every night. It's tight in the bungalow with all of us but we are doing pretty well, considering:)

Time for breakfast, we have 109k of racing today! Enjoy the pics....

Post race of Flanders......thanks Chris....
Clothes drying method....
I'm sharing a room w/ Amanda, I'm top bunk....she is bottom and our clothes are middle...
These are interesting to navigate in the middle of the night for the bathroom....trying to be quiet and find your way down...

Reading: course profiles
Listening: Home Again by Michael Kiwanuka
Watching: the SUN SHINE!
Eating: lots of rice, potatoes with pasta sauce
Feeling: bad for not knowing that it was Easter weekend! ha!

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