Saturday, March 13, 2010

More posting/no pictures

I have taken some pictures from some of our rides out here but we cyclists like to minimize our walking and steps taken so I'm not going downstairs to get my camera and cord right now:) Sorry:)

Alex and I did a group ride on Wednesday, starting from the Java Hut in Fairfax and probably 20-30 folks, it was nice!! Don't these people have to work? hahahah! I guess things are different out West;) It was a great ride, there were a couple of sprint lines(which I'm still not sure where they are) but I was just following and going after it:)!

Yesterday(Friday) was an off day, thank goodness because it poured down rain ALL day! So it was a good day to just relax, wash clothes and get in some quality yoga. I think it is supposed to be nice the rest of the time I'm here but with the team clothing, I'm totally prepared for anything!

Ok, time to go play in the sun!!!

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