Thursday, March 11, 2010

Blog work!

I know I need to work on my blog a bit and touch up some things. I haven't taken any pictures in a while, I'm totally slacking in that department;).

I plan on taking some pictures today and will try to get them on the blog sometime soon.....:) Nothing much to talk about.....I'm in Marin, CA with Alex Rhodes(my teammate) and we've done a couple of rides. I will take some pictures of where we were because it was so pretty!!! And the group we rode with were very nice and entertaining. Hopefully we will see them again soon!

So I will update again soon and touch up the ole blog. Hope everyone is doing well!!

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1 comment:

  1. Hey Honey! I love your header pic. Send to me and I'll fling some effects on it for your viewing pleasure, as well as any others that you want 'touched'.

    I checked out all of your pics on Podium Insight and Veloimages! Absolutely fabulous! There's some of you that are soooo good!!!! It's nice to see all of the team in individual shots, then groups too! You can see their personalities... but I can always find you by the way your hands are on the bike, and you have a special way of 'breathing' when you ride...

    Guess that comes from looking at all of our photos! Need to do that again as soon as I can walk!!!

    Take care and ride hard. Michelle