Saturday, March 20, 2010

San Dimas Race

So the last 2 days have been the uphill time trial and the road race, tomorrow is the crit. On Friday, the time trail was 3.8mi uphill and tough:) I was pleased with my placing and how I did relative to training and the competition, which is STELLAR by the way.

The road race, I feel like I need to work on a bit. Not having the radio and again, how I'm training into racing with racing:) But it will come, what's my motto???? One day at a time........

So tomorrow is the criterium, thank goodness it is in the afternoon!!! I get to sleep in! YAY! I can tell that I haven't done much intensity work because my stomach has been a mess all afternoon:) hehehe......sorry teammates:)

So we will finish up tomorrow and then head towards Redlands on Monday and start racing on Thursday.......San Dimas is usually a great 'opener' for Redlands so hopefully things will progress and I can be a bit more productive for the team. We will see......

It's funny when you are racing because you don't do much else besides, race, eat, sleep.....hehehe so the blog is actually not that entertaining for those in the 'real' world:) sorry......but for those cyclists out there.... what cha think??????

I think I will be in the big state o Mississippi post Joe Martin, which is around May 10-14 ish and I'm hoping to do a couple of school visits for the kids from Christmas!! YAY! I was toying with the idea of doing Tour le Fleur but I just don't want to add to the schedule at this time or put any extra pressure on myself but I may head over to hang out and watch:) See some old friends:)

For some results and pictures check out the following links on Sunday and probably Monday as well:

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