Saturday, December 5, 2009


Aztec, NM
Nissy and I
My single speed wheels match so many people:)
Missy and the wheels match
Teammate Chad Wells, sporting the 80's style glasses....
Durango race before Thanksgiving....

In case any of you don't subscribe to FB, I figured I would post some pics from racing over the past month. I'm glad I was talked into doing cyclocross, what a great experience and a bunch of awesome new friends from it as well. I'm not sure what next fall will hold for me but maybe I will be lucky enough to race for the Hudz-Subaru team again and hopefully have as much fun:)

The season is quickly coming to an end. Today's race was in downtown Durango and it was SO cold...but the course warmed us up REALLY fast.

From the start line we had about 10 yards before there was a steep hill. I had a bad start and got behind a couple of girls and we ended up getting off the bike for the hill. From there is was super technical around some trees and off camber turns downhill, then there was a run up w/ barriers(4) and then a tricky, fast downhill w/ a turn at the bottom. From there we got on the pavement and climbed back up the hill on the road and went across a parking lot and down the hill on another side, again fast w/ a tight turn at the end of it. Then they had 2 small barriers after that, then back to the start/finish. On the first couple of laps I got off and ran the small barriers but after those laps, I felt confident enough and bunny hopped them till the last lap, by then I was too tired to bunny hop again:)

Anyway, I finished 3rd again and I had fun racing with the girls and some of the guys for that matter. For as cold as it was, there was a great turnout!

Tomorrow we head to the college to race, which by the way, the soccer team won Division II championship game, yay! Tomorrow will be a race that suits me a bit better, flat, grass, fast.

My dog is snoring, awwwww....

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