Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Back to the snow

Well I made safe travel back to the land of snow. I flew out of Jackson on Monday morning and had great weather all the way back to Durango. All the flights were pretty much smooth but when I landed in Denver, I was at one end of the airport and had to make a mad dash to the other end to catch my flight to Durango that was leaving in 10min......needless to say when I walked outside to the plane I was the only one enjoying the 29 degrees.

My travels home were busy and of course too short. I missed seeing a bunch of friends and family but I did the best I could with the time I had, plus mom and pops usually have a list of things to do while we are all home:) Which is fine with me, I enjoyed hanging out with my brothers and sis-in-laws and giving Ben(one of my brothers) shit for killing small deer! haha!

I made it to Jackson for 2 days and did a bit of Christmas shopping and visiting, got in an awesome photo shoot with Michelle(check out her blog) and got in a couple of long rides with the Vicksburg crew and talked to 5th and 6th grade classes about cycling, health, safety and all that jazz(it was a blast!)

Now I'm back home and apparently I brought a cold with me, I'm feeling a bit under the weather, stuffy nose, sore throat, a bit achy, so I'm sippin the hot tea, doing my best to sleep and just kick this thing as soon as possible. I'm looking forward to going somewhere warm in the near future and I want to be 100% healthy at the start of this season.

And so it is official.....the pro deal has been sealed. I will be racing for the professional cycling team VBF-Vera Bradley Foundation. We ladies will be racing to bring awareness to breast cancer, so please follow along for an amazing journey! I'm so excited!

Miller was excited to see me:)

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  1. Aww, sweet!
    I can just see you sprinting in Denver to the other end of the airport, that is not a fun feeling..

    You and lil' dude are awesome, and the pic of the kids is terrific!

    I'm working on your slideshow - and will have in mail by Monday...

    And I am SO PROUD of the VBF deal! So where will you be first? And when will you get the new kit? And what bike will you be riding?

    And how will yellow shoes go with pink???

    so many details, so little time.

    Feel better soon and look for the sunshine!