Saturday, December 12, 2009

CX nationals

So I've been in Bend, OR for a couple of days getting ready for cyclocross nationals on Sunday. The ride out of Colorado was SLOW for the first couple of hours but then things cleared up on the roads and actually got to go the speed limit:)

Once in Bend, I found the host house and introduced myself and got comfy, some of the guys weren't too far behind. On Friday we went to the course to get in a ride during the open time, the only problem was that EVERYONE else was there too. If you tried to go hard in sections, you could get in about 10 pedal strokes and then you would catch up with someone and have to grab a handful of brakes:) Oh well, I did my best to do "openers" and get a feel for the course, which has changed apparently since.

The course was hard and icy in some sections, while others were snowy or grassy. It was different every turn! It also has a set of stairs and a barrier section, everything else should be rideable, SHOULD be:)

Today is Saturday and it was dusting snow this morning but has since stopped and the sun is out. It is funny because the course keeps changing! From muddy, icy, hard, snowy, so I'm sure when we check out the course today it will be different feeling from yesterday and will be different tomorrow:)

Ok, I'm off to go play in the cold!

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