Friday, December 4, 2009


So I finalized my plans for the holidays....yay!

Here's the plan for the next couple of weeks. This weekend is the final cross races of the FLC cross series and I will be racing Saturday and Sunday in Durango and hopefully I can solidify my 3rd place position. It is supposed to be cold this weekend but at least it will be dry:) This morning, 10:30, it is only 13degrees...brrrrr! Perfect cross weather though. After the weekend is over, I will be getting everything ready to head out WEST, yeah west, then east:)

I'm headed to Bend, OR again for Cyclocross Nationals, Dec. 10-13th. I have no high expectations, I just want to go for the experience, hang out with the team and have some fun with friends. By the time I leave, I will have also shipped my road bike back home to mom and dad's house so when I get home I can road ride and get some good training in. I hope the weather is good:) From Bend I will fly home, the first flight is at 6:10 A.M!!!! That is SO early!!! And to think I used to go to work at 7!! Who comes up with these crazy times! Jeeeezzzz

Anyway, I get to Jackson around 5pm, Dec. 14th and big poppa is gonna pick me up at the airport and we will drive back to Vicksburg. Sometime during that week, I'm headed to my old high school, St. Aloysius/St. Francis to talk to the kids about exercise, goal setting and cycling.

Also, a group of Tiger cycling folks are gonna come up that weekend for a couple of rides through the military park and to hang out. That should be fun catching up with them too, along with all my cycling friends from back home! I have a lot of people to see!!! Toni, Frankie, Michelle, Brandi/P.J., Matt and Amber, Amy, Mark, Keith...whoooaahhh....

It is gonna be a quick 2 weeks it seems;) My brothers and their wives will be coming to town as well, it will be awesome to have the whole family together. It has been a while....

I will fly back out west on Dec. 28th so I can start seriously training. I think I maybe headed to Tuscon, AZ for some warm weather training for a while as well......spring is sneaking up FAST!

Well, I hope to see you all when I come home! I will post the Saturday and Sunday rides on JMC if anyone is interested. I think Rich has an awesome loop in Port Gibson, maybe I can talk him into coming over...hmmm

Until then, I'm gonna bundle up and freeze my tushy off:)


  1. Hey, you didn't tell me you had used the photos! I am loving them and I am glad you like them too!

    We'll definitely have to link up while you are here and take tons more!

    Bundle up, baby!

  2. and be sure that someone photographs you during the race this weekend! Send them on and I'll throw some 'effects' on them for you!