Monday, December 7, 2009

Last race of the series

I was pretty tired after Saturday's race and I only found that out once I got on the bike and took a couple of laps on Sunday's course. It was mostly flat, fast with a couple of technical sections but for the most part I knew this race was gonna make for a long day.

We started on a clay/dirt running track and did a lap before dismounting and running up the bleachers onto the grass. From there it was bumpy and a lot of turns, a dismount, then flat and long straightaways. Then there was my mind BREAK section, it was a W shape, up and down a hill, tight and off camber. I nailed it perfect in warm up but apparently my brain and body thought it to be too difficult to make it through the section without unclipping EVERY time! I was so close the throwing my bike as far as I could! I was so mad at myself and every lap it got worse! I was holding down 3rd for a while and then Missy caught me and by that time I was in such a mental hole I couldn't get out. So I just did the best I could to finish. I was so happy for Missy b/c she hasn't ridden to great the whole series and then she smoked it yesterday!

So once I crossed the finish line, I quit my self bitching and enjoyed my friends and race talk.

After that Michael and I went to visit Kristin McGrath in the hospital. On Saturday, she was hit by a truck w/ one of those brush guards on the grill at a 4 way stop. Don't know who is at fault or whatever but she had a compound fracture of her femur and had to have a rod put in. She was in good spirits yesterday, looked a bit tired though. I'm sure she is still in a lot of pain. I made sure she had some quality reading material(People mag.) and we had a quick visit, then we left so she could rest. I plan on going back up there today and see her again.....:(

Then after that, there is an awards ceremony at the Embassy Pub for the cyclocross series and I nailed third, so I'm sure it will be fun to see everyone in "street clothes" and not our usual lycra:)

That's about it, getting ready for Bend and home(packing bikes, clothes, etc.)

C ya!

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