Monday, May 4, 2009

Tour of the Gila

The Tour of the Gila was my first official NRC stage race and what an experience!  I had the opportunity to meet and hang out with Kristin Armstrong, she is a cool chick full of great information and advice and I was all ears!!!

So here are the results,  My goal was to train and finish and I did  both:) Gila Hike and Bike guys did a wonderful job and all the volunteers were awesome!  The town of Silver City is small but wonderful! Great food and great people!

I enjoyed meeting and racing with all the girls and wanted to say thanks to the USWCDP for the opportunity.  My next race is the Iron Horse Race in Durango at the end of May, that should be fun!

Thanks again for all the support from you guys back home, I miss y'all!

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  1. Hey Lauren! So glad you checked in! I went to the Gila site and it looks like an awesome event!
    I love the logo, you know the leezard thing and all..

    Be sure to keep us all posted and stay cool!

    p.s. So where are fabulous photos of you?

    p.s.s. Check out There are a couple posts there about you!

    later gater, m