Thursday, May 28, 2009


For those that don't know me too well should know, that I LOVE music! All types, all kinds, all the time!  When I was at work, while I was reviewing reports, driving in the car, working out, checking e-mails, WHENEVER! I love music:)

A couple of favorites:, is a cool website that you can listen to music for free! You can pick your artist and then they will play that artist as well as others with similar styles, it is really cool!  Another web site that I just found out about thanks to Lance and Karen Webster,, a bunch of live shows from just about any band you are interested in hearing!

Some artists that I dig: Ryan Adams, Band of Horses, Brett Dennen, anything hip/hop right now:),  and the list continues to grow each day. 

Now back to your regular viewing program......


  1. What do you listen to when you ride? Noticed you had earbuds in one of the photos...

  2. Um, mostly upbeat stuff, for sure! Anything from Rodrigo y Gabriela(they are awesome! You tube em) to Ryan Adams(which sometimes isn't upbeat but good none the less) to BB King, techno....

    But! I only have the earbud in my right ear and it isn't real loud, so I can hear traffic coming from behind me....always stay safe:)