Friday, May 22, 2009

Weekend Fun

So this weekend is the Iron Horse Bicycle Classic(, including a road race, time trial and criterium.  I've been here about a month now and this week is the first time I've seen precipitation and it just keeps on coming, the funny thing is that there is a chance of snow on the passes for the race tomorrow! That ought to make things pretty interesting:)

Just finished a great sushi dinner(East by Southwest) with Missy Erikson, Michael Engleman, Kristin McGrath and Mara came in towards the end after she finished her ride.

Missy finally (not really) kind of got the go ahead to ride EASY, so we got to spin around together these last few days.  It's good to see her back on the bike and happy again:)

So here are some random photos from the last couple of days or so.



  1. Awesome photos! I've never seen you in your fancy spandex. Can you put that stuff in the dryer? Seems to me it would come out Barbie sized...

    Keep the pics coming,
    Keep the Giant rolling,
    and Keep a good journal....


    Follow to see what's happening down South...

  2. How did you do in the Classic? Hope you had good weather, it rained all weekend here....