Sunday, April 26, 2009

THA move:)

So Monday morning, April 20th I set out on the next adventure pointed towards Colorado! The trip wasn't bad at all actually, both Monday and Tuesday were perfect as far as weather is concerned, no wind or rain, just blue skies.  I stopped in Witchita Falls, TX on day one after driving through Dallas traffic.  It wasn't rush hour but it was PLENTY of traffic and turns, etc. to make me a bit nervous w/ the uhaul trailer in tow:) So after getting through Dallas with sweaty palms I decided to go a bit further and just call it a day.  

On Tuesday morning I set out around 6a.m. just to get the day going b/c Tuesday was a lot longer than Monday as far as distance was concerned.  I don't know exactly where I was but I was still in TX when I stopped for a coffee break around 8ish when I witnessed 3 grown men get into a brief argument...what a way to start the day;) That was about the extent of the excitement actually.

The drive across New Mexico was absolutely gorgeous!!!! I'm just glad I got here just in time for all of the snow to have melted:)!!! I arrived at my destination around 5 or 6pm, I can't remember but was soooo glad to be here and out of the truck:) Miller was happy too! 

So these last couple of days have been unpacking, riding and getting acclimated to the altitude.  

Tomorrow it is time to get back on the road to head to Silver City, New Mexico for Tour of the Gila.  I will try to post from there:) And take pics.....


  1. So glad you have started a blog! You are truly on a once in a lifetime adventure!

    I've been setting up a piddly little ole photo blog, but it will in no way compare to what you are doing.

    Make it routine to take daily photos and update your blog often! We're here supporting you and want to live your dream!

    Take care and as always, good to hear from you! Michelle

  2. and by the way, I'm a follower

  3. and here's the link to my blog, it's all about our Italy trip at this point. Can't seem to get past it. It was ' es fantastico'!

  4. and I'm all about geckos and leezards. Be sure to take great pics and send links of places to buy leezard items. Silver and such....

  5. OK, so you have some followers. We are needy. Where are posts and photos and such? and be sure to set up your iPhone so you can send blog info from there!