Monday, January 2, 2012


A couple more days and I will have this placed mostly mapped out. Today I rode the ‘river’ route around the Swan River and then we finished with a quick trip through Kings Park, which gave some beautiful views of the city!

It’s always interesting to go to another country and see how you adjust:

Driving on the left side of the road and riding on the left side of the road, means I’m hesitating at every intersection almost but I’m getting the hang of it.

Picking up some of the sayings like, “How ya going” means “How are you doing”.

They shorten words and say things like mozzy instead of mosquito.

Bogans are the equivalent to our rednecks.

And group rides are group rides no matter where you go:) Saturday morning we were riding on one of the group rides and had a small incident - someone ran into the back of me and bam....broken frame. I didn’t go down but the guy that did was pretty banged up but I had plenty of help getting back home and had a borrowed bike by the afternoon(really good people here). I’m hoping to get the bike repaired, I needed that money, so I will try to sell it - obviously letting the buyer know and selling it for a discounted price. So now I’m working on getting set up on a new bike and getting the borrowed bike back, hopefully this week or so - we shall see! Love the adventure...

They have such cool cars here, just zipping around town. I wish we had more options like these or maybe we do and I just don’t pay attention or we just like our bigger cars? I dunno, granted I drive a 4 door truck;) I will take some pictures and post em on the next post.

Other than that, kicking the training up a notch in the coming days and settling in at another place since some other folks are coming. Whoop whoop!

One of the monuments in Kings Park...
The view from Kings Park...
Another angle from Kings Park..
Midway through the river route ride, looking back into the city...
One of the first ads I noticed in the airport! hahahah!!.....

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