Thursday, January 26, 2012

Australia Day

So yesterday was Australia Day, it is a national holiday and everyone was off work and having fun. We did an early ride(6am) and on the way to the start, saw a couple of people still having fun from the night before - ewww - we've all been there. So after the ride and some rest in the air conditioning(it's so hot here - 107) we waited till the afternoon to get back out and enjoy the holiday.

We went to dinner close to the Swan River, so we could walk down afterwards and catch the fireworks show. I'm so glad we did this!! It was a blast and a pretty amazing moment - watching the fireworks with EVERYONE else! People set up tents early in the morning just to get a spot on the river to watch the show, which lasts about an hour. They have music that plays along with the fireworks and you can tune in with your radio and they will also give a bit of history in between songs. It really was cool! Then the rain started to roll in and there was thunder and lightening behind us and fireworks in front - so crazy!!

Only a couple of days left now, I'm really sad to be leaving but looking forward to seeing my new teammates in California. I hope I can come back again, truly a great experience.

Bec and Amber at dinner...
Kangaroo! YUMMMM....
Pretty good stuff!!!
Adrian(another housemate from Holland, he is here on vacation and staying w/ Davina as well)and I sharing a laugh...
Tha girls having some fun...
What is he looking at?
Getting ready for the show...what a beautiful sunset too!
For an hour, it was huge fireworks!

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