Sunday, January 22, 2012

Random photos

Since the weekend of the Fremantle tour, the week has flown by and time is almost up here in Perth....can I go ahead and book my ticket for next year????

I've checked things off the 'to do' list and some pictures follow show the happenings.....enjoy!

Learning the game of cricket! There was a wall of bats!! Then another wall of padding, so cool!!! Here I am trying to perfect my swing.....I'm still working on it.
This is Little Creatures brewery in Fremantle. Amber was told that this was good place to go! They were right! Cool atmosphere and packed!! Perfect for a hot day:)
Sit wherever you can find a spot....
I bet these guys were melting!!! It was sooo hot back there! No air conditioning in the entire place...
The bar area...
Hanging out at a friend's BBQ...
Fishy face!

Reading: Cycling news, world cups and racing...
Listening: Horse Feathers
Watching: Tour Down Under was on this past weekend and tennis
Eating: fresh fruit salad! It's summer here people!
Feeling: reflective on my time here....
Excited: for a hard training week!

Maybe I can get in another blog after Australia Day(Thursday). We will see if I have anything to write about:) I fly on Tuesday morning and will be back in the states for camp, so I'm sure I will be blogging from camp. Stay safe!

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