Friday, August 6, 2010

All the good times

Brian and Molly-my keepers, my friends
Kisses all around!
She is one strong chic
Crazy Carla Swart....
Carla, Toni and I enjoying one of the views
I'm sitting here this morning, drinking coffee, reading the NYT's and thinking about the season that was and what the future will hold. I have one more race for sure with the team, next weekend in Chicago-Glenco Criterium.

Brian(our mechanic) and Molly(Soigneur) are officially done for the season. Their last race with us was Cascade and then a couple of us got to hang out in Portland and Eugene for the three days afterwards for sponsor visits and it was fun to see where they lived and learn a bit of history about Portland. Portland is a COOL city, if you ever get the chance to visit-DO IT! The weather was amazing, the city had so many neat areas, tons of cyclists, tons of good food and so many adventures just minutes away.

So what will happen in 2011? What will happen at Glenco? What will happen tomorrow? What's for breakfast? I DUNNO yet but I'm totally looking forward to it all.

I'm reading a book, As Good As Gold by Kathryn Bertine about her quest to become an Olympian and how people thinks she's crazy. It is a funny, easy read, check it out! I can totally relate to some of the things she is trying to overcome. Anyway, I thought I would fill y'all in on my reading schedule;)

Oh, check out Tutela. She has some cute things! I'm a fan of the wallets......:)

Alright, time to get movin....

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  1. Hey Hunny! Last Race? Where have I been?
    You're looking great! What a year.

    Talk Soon!!!!